Uruwashi no Seito Kaichou wa Rinkan Dorei


TitleUruwashi no Seito Kaichou wa Rinkan Dorei
Original title麗しの生徒会長は輪姦奴隷
AliasesUruwashi no Seitokaicho ha Rinkan Dorei (The beautiful school council president is everyone's sex slave)
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperCybele & Kurohime Soft
Publishers Cybele & Kurohime Soft


Kuroda Yusuke is a student at Sakurato Gakuin. He behaves rudely to anyone, through the influence of his parents. But just because he came of a good line, he and Soma Kanan, the school-council president who is also from a distinguished family, are engaged to be married in the future. But Kanan breaks off her engagement to him because of his glaring immorality. Yusuke hated her of being a goody two shoes at school, but cannot bear to give up her beauty and heavenly body. He rapes her with his cronies. The next day, she swears that she will never succumb to him under any circumstances. It makes him go berserk!! Yusuke and his cronies plans to rape her everyway possible until she changes her mind.

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Kuroda Yuusuke黒田 祐介 
Role, High School Student