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v466.222017-06-06 at 17:31707Doko e Iku no, Ano Hi..
v466.212017-06-05 at 15:144396Doko e Iku no, Ano Hidesc
v466.202017-05-27 at 17:254396Doko e Iku no, Ano Hiimg
v466.192017-05-14 at 08:41varioDoko e Iku no, Ano Histaff
v466.182016-06-30 at 17:39funnerificDoko e Iku no, Ano HiThe folder with the game has this name.
v466.172016-02-15 at 11:31weilaiDoko e Iku no, Ano Hi..
v466.162015-05-14 at 06:08ermesonDoko e Iku no, Ano HiAdding staff
v466.152015-05-14 at 06:06ermesonDoko e Iku no, Ano Histaff
v466.142015-05-14 at 06:00ermesonDoko e Iku no, Ano Histaff
v466.132015-02-10 at 12:09wakaranaiDoko e Iku no, Ano Histaff&cast
v466.122015-02-06 at 18:35tenteishinshiDoko e Iku no, Ano Hiadd
v466.112015-02-04 at 20:21armonyDoko e Iku no, Ano Hiva
v466.102015-02-04 at 14:36armonyDoko e Iku no, Ano Hiva
v466.92015-02-01 at 02:36yimwDoko e Iku no, Ano HiAdded writer
v466.82015-01-28 at 22:42allenDoko e Iku no, Ano Hivocals
v466.72014-04-06 at 16:35ds1150Doko e Iku no, Ano HiReverted to revision v466.5, this follows the guidelines/general usage on VNDB
v466.62014-04-06 at 15:33swfanDoko he Iku no, Ano HiCorrection of title
v466.52011-11-02 at 02:11nottfruitDoko e Iku no, Ano Hiuploads.
v466.42011-08-06 at 01:59eyelessDoko e Iku no, Ano Hititle
v466.32010-01-06 at 12:44maccasvenneDoko he Iku no, Ano HiNot sure why someone switched the name order in the previous edit. From the romanization guidelines: "That is, if it was originally a Japanese game
v466.22008-12-21 at 15:58rasqualDoko he Iku no, Ano HiOriginal title, reverted name order ac. to romanization guidelines
v466.12008-03-24 at 15:02maccasvenneDoko he Iku no, Ano Hi