Megami Ryoujoku ~Kangyakusen Otome Brynhildr~


TitleMegami Ryoujoku ~Kangyakusen Otome Brynhildr~
Original title女神凌辱~姦虐戦乙女ブリュンヒルド~
DeveloperMilk Pai
Publishers Milk Pai
Same series
Megami Ryoujoku ~Koukou Souryo Skuld~
Megami Ryoujoku ~Paizuri Hime Verdandi~


Brynhildr is a valkyrie of Valhalla. She works as a commandant of the Guards. One day, her country is invaded by monsters and the castle of Valhalla fell to them. Brynhildr also gets injured, but her eyes never seem to lose hope. However, her attitude arouses Roki's sadism.... "I'll just make your attitude change...." She is raped by several monsters, but she never cries nor begs. She tries to control all her emotions and stay calm. Instead, she takes a provocative attitude, "Is that all...? Not enough." Brynhildr just tries to endure, but she doesn't know it's endless....

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