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Wenhou Wujiang.


Wenhou Wujiang.Safe / Tame (13)
Wenhou Wujiang.
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[unofficial] The Smoke Room


"Hello." (hereinafter referred to as "the game") is a fan-made visual novel game based on the game "The Smoke Room", which is a derivative work .

The game is a small-scale ensemble adventure that tells the story of an exploration team led by GR , including members Can , Seaon , and Romin , investigating anomalies in a cave. Meanwhile, characters from the "The Smoke Room" world, Nik , Sam , and Yao , find themselves unexpectedly in the world of this game due to an "in-plan" event gone "out-of-plan". Accompanying them is Todd .

Why do the exploration team and the "The Smoke Room" quartet cross paths? What unexpected situations will arise during their adventures? Will sparks fly between them? Can the "The Smoke Room" quartet eventually return to their original world, and what will be the cost? The answers to these questions will be revealed within the game, and the course of the story and their fate will be determined by you.

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Furry 3.0


Chinese (simplified) (1)
2023-09-01Wenhou Wujiang. v1.0.2
English (1)
2023-09-01Hello. v1.0.2

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