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Matsurika no Kei -kEi- Tenmeiin Iden

マツリカの炯-kEi- 天命胤異伝

マツリカの炯-kEi- 天命胤異伝
Matsurika no Kei -kEi- Tenmeiin Iden
AliasesMatsurika no Kei: Tenmeiin Iden
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown
PublishersIdea Factory Co., Ltd.


The story takes place in a world where humans, immortals, and sacred beasts live and breathe.

In the frontier of the prosperous Moonlight Country, two peoples live and breathe.
The White Wolf Tribe survives in the snowy mountains, where no man has ever set foot.
--And the people of Matsurika Village, who live in the unexplored lands where matsurika flowers bloom.

A secret region where flowers bloom that must never be taken out, and where the fire hates them.

The Matsurika girl sings to the fireflies today.
With piercing eyes, she is the one who brings forth the "fire" that connects the lives of her clan - a connoisseur of jewels.

When she comes of age at Keiseisetsu, all causes and effects begin to come full circle.

There are those who continue to live despite their wounds.
There were lives that were taken in order to protect their pride and dignity.
There was a mission that betrayed their will and connected them.

'I will not forget you. Even if this body decays and ends."

The winds of misfortune blow and the ancient tunes overlap.
The flower of the unexplored land that must not be broken. Who took her away?

The different missions of those who have inherited the bloodline are set in motion.

This is the story of those who have left no name in official history.


Japanese (3)
2024-02-2917+Matsurika no Kei -kEi- Tenmeiin Iden
2024-02-2917+Matsurika no Kei -kEi- Tenmeiin Iden - DL Edition
2024-02-2917+Matsurika no Kei -kEi- Tenmeiin Iden - Special Edition


Full character list

Character summary

ZebeneraMain character
Voiced by Hatano Wataru
FeyMain character
RuwoMain character
Ku EnraiMain character
Voiced by Horie Shun
Ko SeirinMain character
AgedoSide character
BaoSide character
Voiced by Hikasa Youko
BicornSide character
YoumaSide character
ShouchoSide character
Voiced by Shiraki Nao
Kousyu-samaSide character
Voiced by Asari Ryouta
ShiseiSide character
Voiced by Hama Kento
ReikyuSide character
Voiced by Iida Riho

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