Prostudent Good


Prostudent Good
TitleProstudent Good
Original titleぷろすちゅ★でんとGood
AliasesPurosuchu Dento Good, ぷろすちゅーでんとGood, Pro Student Good
DeveloperAlice Soft
Publishers Alice Soft
Shares characters
Sengoku Rance
Same series
Prostudent G


The time is 2005 in Japan. The world has received word that aliens shall invade Earth. Therefore, Japan set up a robot group called Yugoku to fend off the aliens when they come. However, eventually the aliens did not come, so Yugoku was all for nothing. Meanwhile, the Japanese government was totally corrupted, and Yugoku decided to use their robot army to overthrow the government.

[From Anime Densetsu]