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Stolen Memories

Stolen MemoriesSafe / Tame (13)
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Stolen Memories
Stolen Memories
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperAleksej Izimov
PublishersAleksej Izimov

Stolen Memories II


Slava devoted himself to his studies, but he failed to get into the university of his dreams. Disappointment and sadness filled Slava's heart, but there's no time for sadness. He has to succeed next year!

And that's not the only problem. Slava discovers that his stepmother Masha is hiding her financial problems! It turns out that their start-ups have failed, and their savings are gone! They need money fast. Masha isn't very good at making money, but she'll do her best to boost Slava's motivation.

Don't forget about Alya - a jealous childhood friend who can't live without Slava's attention! Her feelings are even hotter than a mother's love. The only problem is that her father is the one who gave Masha the money! And he doesn't want his daughter to go out with "such a loser". How will you convince him that Slava is a good guy?

[From Steam]