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Reijuu Hitozuma Agent Shion ~Sennyuu Sousakan vs Sennou Sousakan~

隷従人妻エージェント紫苑 ~潜入捜査官 vs 洗脳操作姦~

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Reijuu Hitozuma Agent Shion ~Sennyuu Sousakan vs Sennou Sousakan~Explicit / Tame (14)
隷従人妻エージェント紫苑 ~潜入捜査官 vs 洗脳操作姦~
Reijuu Hitozuma Agent Shion ~Sennyuu Sousakan vs Sennou Sousakan~
Play timeShort (9h21m from 2 votes)


Nose Shigeyuki is a middle-aged man who works part-time at a convenience store. Recently, he started having a recurring erotic dream. In this dream, he humiliates into submission a feisty-looking black-haired beauty with huge breasts.
His boring daily life goes on while troubled by these mysterious dreams. Until one night, at the convenience store, he sees a woman who looks exactly the beauty in his dreams shopping with what seems to be her husband.

In order to confirm whether or not what he saw was really just a dream, he leaves the convenience store and follows the couple as if compelled by something.
"I'm going back to buy something I forgot, you go ahead and prepare the bath." The gorgeous woman uttered those words and walked into a side street alone. Just like that, he followed her on a whim.

"Nose Shigeyuki... Looks like yo're regaining your memories."

The beauty waiting in the alley said firmly. She noticed his amateurish stalking and doesn't bother hiding her hostility.

"H-How do you know my name? Who the hell are you?"

Surprise. Anger. Fear. The woman in front of him knows *something* he doesn't.

"It doesn't matter who I am. You'll soon forget it all once more."
"What the...? What do you mean with this talk about memories and forgetting?"

The woman answers his questions with cold silence and a disgusted gaze.
Nose forgot. Or rather, his memories were forcefully sealed away. That the beauty in front of him was a specialist from the Hypnosis and Brainwashing Crimes Investigation Bureau - Yuminaga Shion.

His heart starts beating strongly. His vision flickers. It becomes hard to think straight. His body feels like it's on fire. The surrounding scenario becomes distorted and the ringing in his ears torments his brain. The five senses of his body are going crazy.
... And then, the same familiar scene of the erotic dreams unfolds in front of him.

A criminal expert in brainwashing looking to fulfill his desires, Nose.
The beautiful investigator who stands against him, Shion.
And also a mysterious young beauty who calls herself Nose's bitch slave, Karin.

The hypnotic training revenge drama where the desires and goals of the three collide begins from here.

[Adapted from DLsite]