Dennou Tenshi: Digital Ange

電脳天使 デジタルアンジュ

Dennou Tenshi: Digital Ange
TitleDennou Tenshi: Digital Ange
Original title電脳天使 デジタルアンジュ
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperIDES & Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co.
Publishers Game Technopolis & Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co.
Same series
Digital Ange ~Dennou Tenshi SS~
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A guy goes out one day and happens upon a vagabond floppy disk. He takes it home, loads it up on his computer, and watches in amazement as a girl pops out of his monitor. Some giant mecha land outside his house; female pilots emerge from the machines and congregate with the disk-born chick, who can control the mighty pink mecha. They all hang around for a while, lounging, talking, and bathing. A few mean girls (including an unpleasant "copy" of the pink-mecha pilot) show up in their own giant machines.

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Hanabusa Takaya
Hanabusa Takaya英 貴也 
Voiced byHosoi Osamu

Main characters

Crealidelle Vanant Shaura
Crealidelle Vanant Shauraクレアリデル・ヴァナント・シャウラ 
Voiced byMatsushita Miyuki
Eindebelle Denebola Regulus
Eindebelle Denebola Regulusエインデベル・デネボーラ・レグルス 
Voiced byShiina Hekiru
Foltjunia Sadarsud Rukba
Foltjunia Sadarsud Rukbaフォルシーニア・サダルスード・ルクバァ 
Voiced byAmano Yuri
Leamuroda Archione Heredes
Leamuroda Archione Heredesリアムローダ・アルキオネ・ヒアデス 
Voiced byOkamoto Maya
Mercure Tiras Sabromarin
Mercure Tiras Sabromarinメルキュール・ティラス・サブロマリン 
Voiced byNogami Yukana
Millinere Juranus Sublomarin
Millinere Juranus Sublomarinミリネール・ユラナス・サブロマリン 
Voiced byAraki Kae

Side characters

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Kawasaki Mari川崎 真理 
Voiced byTakamori Yoshino
Okada Kaoruko
Okada Kaoruko岡田 馨子 
Voiced byMizusawa Jun