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Goblet of Mercy

Goblet of MercySafe / Tame (14)
1 cover
Goblet of Mercy
Play timeVery short (1h11m from 2 votes)
DeveloperSun Labyrinth
PublishersSun Labyrinth
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Goblet of Mercy is a short psychological horror visual novel about your encounter with a woman whose ego is so big she made her own perfect world to contain it.

It began with Halloween, a time when the veil between worlds is thin. Your friend Judy invited you out to a themed party at the local library. A Halloween event, a good friend, a lot of weird books for sale. Judy might have been in a shifty mood, but there was no need to worry. Really. What could go wrong?


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Safe / Tame (14)

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Goblet of Mercy