Kita e. Diamond Dust + Kiss is Beginning.

北へ。Diamond Dust + Kiss is Beginning.

Kita e. Diamond Dust + Kiss is Beginning.
TitleKita e. Diamond Dust + Kiss is Beginning.
Original title北へ。Diamond Dust + Kiss is Beginning.
Aliases北へ。~Diamond Dust + Kiss is Beginning.~, Kita he. Diamond Dust Plus
DeveloperRed Entertainment Corporation
Publishers Hudson Soft
Kita e. ~Diamond Dust~


Taking place directly after the events of the first Kita He: Diamond Dust, the sequel ships the protagonist to Hokkaido for a continuation of potential love. Over the period of seven summer days, players interact and commingle with the girls in order to get to know them better. Perhaps if one girl is more appealing than the others, true love and marriage will blossom.

A new conversation system is introduced in DD+ called the Communication Break System where conversations may go off in tangents (as they do in real-life) if the player interjects when keywords are spoken by the girl. New conversations may then lead to alternate events which draw the couple closer together or at least more congenial towards each other. Like previous Kita He games, photographs of actual locations in Hokkaido are used for the backgrounds as the protagonist roams the city in search of true love.

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2004-10-2812+  Kita e. Diamond Dust + Kiss is Beginning.Non-freeCommercial1 DVD  


Character summary

Main character Akanegi Atsuko
Voiced by Ishihara Eriko
Main character Asahina Kyouko
Voiced by Noto Mamiko
Main character Harada Akari
Voiced by Watanabe Akeno
Main character Kitano Suomi
Voiced by Amase Mayu
Main character Saibara Shouko
Voiced by Takano Urara
Main character Shiraishi Karin

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