Relict 2 -Episode Moon-


Relict 2 -Episode Moon-

TitleRelict 2 -Episode Moon-
Original titleRelict2~エピソード・ムーン~
LengthLong (30 - 50 hours)
Publishers AniSeed
Relict ~Toki no Wasuremono~


Long time ago from the Relict -Toki no Wasuremono-, fierce battles were raging on the moon.

The Rabbit family was the leader of the herbivore dynasty. But as problems on rights of the hunting grounds became more serious carnivores rebelled and minor skirmishes left to all-out-war.

The rabbit family had raised a young man long ago expelled from the leopard family, Cross, a great kindness unknown in these times of war.

But there was no end for war was in sight. Being pushed back by the carnivores leaders of the family decided to speed the development of their new weapon "TOKIJIKU".

But "TOKIJIKU" far exceeded the anticipated benefits, causing tremendous destruction.

Cross pleaded, saying these kinds of weapons were too powerful to be wielded no matter what, but the leaders were gone too far in their fear and didn't listen to him, he left that day, never to be seen again. Until one day...

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2006-04-2818+  Relict 2 -Episode Moon-  


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Main character Mellow
Main character Mio
Main character Nagi
Main character Nayuta
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