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Tokusou Tenshi Shellsaver


TitleTokusou Tenshi Shellsaver
Original title特捜天使シェルセイバー
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Main character Yuichi is a university student who lives a normal life till he gets fatally wounded by the criminal organization “Duon” executive confronting Space Sheriff Shellsaver. However, he manages to survive through assimilation with the reinforced clothing provided by Space Sheriff. Shellsaver loses a huge portion of her power through this act, so Yuichi swears to make up for his salvation. Two heroes of justice will fight side by side!

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Japanese (2)
2005-04-1518+Tokusou Tenshi Shellsaver
2008-04-1118+Tokusou Tenshi Shellsaver - Download Edition


  • Scenario
  • ZEQU
  • Vocals
  • Yoshida NaokoOP "Tokusou Tenshi Shellsaver" & ED "Tenshi no Tsubasa"
  • Composer
  • NSNOP & ED

Full character list

Character summary

Kadotsuki ChiriMain character
Voiced by Himiko
NikoMain character
Voiced by Shinruu Karin
Yamada KyoukoMain character
Enju KoharuSide character
Voiced by Tenten

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