Kazama Mana

風間 愛

TitleKazama Mana
Original title風間 愛
DeveloperM no Violet
Publishers M no Violet & Mink
Yakin Byoutou Ni
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Just before the summer holiday.... Mana totally forgets to apply to a hands-on training course. Almost all of the courses are already closed. When she is at a loss for what to do, one beautiful woman offers her a hands-on training course that is still available. She accepts it without checking what she is going to do.... Her course is at a sanatorium. A patient whom she takes charge of is Wataru. His days are numbered and he suffers mental illness as well. Mana works hard for him but she gets unstable mentally day by day. At last, she decides to leave the sanatorium... but it stimulates his crooked sexual desire and Mana becomes his sex slave....

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