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Rebel Duet

Rebel Duet
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown


A 30-year-old office worker with a traumatic past, the protagonist (male or female) is nearly fired from their job and collapses from stress. They awake to find themselves in a strange environment, with a beautiful young woman standing before them. It is revealed that she is a succubus, and you have been summoned to this world to become her bodyguard...

Will you embrace a new life in this foreign, dangerous world, or search for a return to a familiar - but difficult - life back on Earth?

Bond with your succubus companion, encounter new foes and allies, and gradually evolve into a powerful spellsword.

[From Steam]


English (2)
2023-11-1018+Rebel Duet v0.5b
2023-11-1018+Rebel Duet v0.5b
Russian (1)
2024-02-2318+Mjatezhnyj Duet v0.6 (unofficial)

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