Lolipara Second Strike! ~Ayumi no Seitai Kansatsu Daisakusen~

ろりぱらセカンドストライク! ~あゆみの性態観察大作戦~

TitleLolipara Second Strike! ~Ayumi no Seitai Kansatsu Daisakusen~
Original titleろりぱらセカンドストライク! ~あゆみの性態観察大作戦~
AliasesLoli Para, Second Strike!
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperShining Star
Publishers Shining Star
Lolipara! ~Osanaki Sei no Hanazono~


Four people used big brother's room as their secret playground.
Once, the leader was the big brother, however now Ayumi is the one who takes control.
Ayumi's target for this time is Maina and Takuya, her junior fellows in school. Ayumi offers a room for them as a secret playground. And of course, the room is full of erotic toys!

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