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v4798.102017-08-08 at 08:13shinnewTokubetsu ByoutouCast entry. link "CV:YUKI"
v4798.92015-10-29 at 18:19beliarTokubetsu Byoutourelation
v4798.82015-10-26 at 02:48jazz957Tokubetsu ByoutouStaff, Cast
v4798.72015-02-03 at 02:06conduitTokubetsu Byoutoustaff and cast credits. More info at: link
v4798.62014-07-22 at 16:45slv76Tokubetsu ByoutouBetter cover
v4798.52011-08-05 at 02:57kiy336Tokubetsu ByoutouAdded length and screenshots
v4798.42011-08-05 at 02:26kiy336Tokubetsu ByoutouThe description was not accurate for the game. While the characters are the same, the story is a little different (and I believe the male hero was
v4798.32010-07-19 at 23:23shinnewTokubetsu ByoutouSummary.
v4798.22010-07-19 at 08:24shinnewTokubetsu ByoutouAnimu.
v4798.12010-07-19 at 07:13irxTokubetsu Byoutoulink