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Wakaoku-sama Misaki ~Dakarete Modaete Nagasarete~


TitleWakaoku-sama Misaki ~Dakarete Modaete Nagasarete~
Original title若奥さま美咲~抱かれて悶えて流されて~
DeveloperHonki Shiru
PublishersHonki Shiru & Just


Heroine is a married lady who was forced into an arranged marriage by her family after she graduated college. The man isn’t a cruel man, but he’s more into his job than his married life. She put on her best face and did what she felt was best for the family. Nowadays she’s not become bitter woman, but she is finally feeling trapped by the loveless situation. One day she was being mugged/kidnapped when a man happened upon the scene and fought the thug off. Her hero (and the hero of this game) has become injured from the scuffle and she takes him home to tend the wounds. Will this be her shining knight? And is there more behind this seemingly random attack?

[Vague Game Description by White Masq]

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