Relation graph for Natsu no Kotou no Yami no Koe

Note: Unofficial relations are excluded if the graph would otherwise be too large.

Sayoko 2011-01-28 ja Yami no Koe II 2002-11-22 ja Yami no Koe III ~Gobou San'... 2003-12-19 ja SequelPrequelYami no Koe Zero 2008-03-28 ja Gore Screaming Show 2006-01-20 en/ja/zh Natsu no Kotou no Yami no Koe 2008-03-28 ja/zh Shares charactersYami no Koe Ibunroku 2005-07-29 ja Yami no Koe 2001-06-08 ja Shares charactersSequelPrequelPrequelSequelSame seriesSame setting