Mainichi Kedamono!! Love Ero Momoiro School Life

毎日けだものっ!! らぶえろ☆ももいろ☆すくーるらいふ♪

TitleMainichi Kedamono!! Love Ero Momoiro School Life
Original title毎日けだものっ!! らぶえろ☆ももいろ☆すくーるらいふ♪
Publishers Bishop & Palace


Kouichi has a unique constitution that when he excessively gets excited, he makes girls around him get sexually excited. Also, when he extremely gets excited, he rapes any girls like a beast. On his first day at school, he gets involved in various accidents with girls.... Like this, his school life with his classmates and a classroom teacher begins.... "Not enough!? You beast!!!"

[From ErogeShop]

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