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Leku Tandoor Senki Revolution ~Monshou no Kioku~

レクタンドール戦記 レヴォラシオン~紋章の記憶~

TitleLeku Tandoor Senki Revolution ~Monshou no Kioku~
Original titleレクタンドール戦記 レヴォラシオン~紋章の記憶~
AliasesRectandoll Senki Revolution
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperArtifact & Lurid
La Vie de Chateau


Leku Tandoor kindgom used to be in full flourish but it's on the wane now. Under the aristocrat tyranny, people make vociferous protests about the monarchy. One day, one young man, from a village in the backwoods, comes to the castle for job hunting, without knowing he will change Leku Tandoor kingdom in the future.... He becomes a soldier and it turns out that he is the offspring of the royal family. And when people finally revolt, the young man leads the kingdom to the new way....

[From Himeya Shop]

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