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Whispers of the Citadel

Whispers of the CitadelSafe / Tame (14)
Whispers of the Citadel
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperJellyFluff Games
PublishersJellyFluff Games


In the heart of the enchanting world of Halverth, where the emerald forests sway in the gentle breeze and ancient secrets whisper through the leaves, you find yourself thrust into a whirlwind of power, passion, and the pursuit of true love. As a valiant human soldier who has won the coveted Emeraldspire Citadel from the elves, you're destined for greatness, but fate has a different plan.

With the untimely death of the king, the kingdom teeters on the precipice of uncertainty. You stand as a prominent contender to the throne, yet your lack of a suitable spouse threatens to shatter your dreams. The nobles demand an heir, and you have just one month to find your perfect bride.

In Whispers of the Citadel, a thrilling adult visual novel, embark on a quest to secure not only your kingdom's future but your heart's deepest desires. Within this alluring world, you'll encounter five captivating love interests, each with their own unique allure and a tale waiting to be unraveled.

[From Steam]


English (1)
2024-02-2618+Whispers of the Citadel

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