Lolikko Ryoujoku Club


TitleLolikko Ryoujoku Club
Original titleロリっ娘陵辱くらぶ
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers Sol-fa-soft & Sweet Sage
Shares characters
sol-fa-soft Mafuyu no Otoshidama CD
sol-fa-soft Manatsu no Osawagase CD
Lolikko Roshutsu Club ~Mebae Hajimeta...


A short novel collection focusing on rape.

■ Episode 1 "The price of forgetting"
Kawamura Natsuki forgot her homework, making her teacher angry. As a punishment, she has to stand naked in the classroom. After that, she's called to the teacher's room...

■ Episode 2 "145500 yen"
I lent 144500 yen to a man named Kijima Yohei. When demanded a repayment, he gave me his sister Yuuko instead of money. Well, what shall I do...

■ Episode 3 "Adventure is not over"
Aikawa Yuka has a exhibitionist habit. One day, when she came back from her "adventure", her brother Takashi was waiting at the front door with a a digital camera...