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Etching App ~Deai-Kei App de Wake Ari Josei to Love Love SEX~

エッチングアプリ ~出会い系アプリで訳アリ女性とラブラブSEX~

Etching App ~Deai-Kei App de Wake Ari Josei to Love Love SEX~Safe / Tame (15)
エッチングアプリ ~出会い系アプリで訳アリ女性とラブラブSEX~
Etching App ~Deai-Kei App de Wake Ari Josei to Love Love SEX~
AliasesEcching Appli ~Deai-Kei Appli de Wake Ari Josei to Love Love SEX~
Play timeMedium (20h from 1 votes)


Dating app called 'One Night Share' is a straightforward platform where users can post messages on a bulletin board, engage in conversations, and potentially find matches. It charges a registration fee but offers user-friendly features such as automated match suggestions. The app is popular among both men and women, catering to various purposes including seeking connections, pleasure, financial gain, or simply looking for enjoyment and a sense of belonging. Amid the intentions of three men and three women, the app continues to match different individuals each day.

[Translated from the official site]

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Kanda YuuichirouSafe / Tame (13)
Kanda Yuuichirou神田 勇一朗
MeasurementsHeight: 173cm


Protagonist of Love arc.

A 38-year-old salaryman who lacks motivation and is somewhat indifferent at his unfulfilling job. He approaches work casually, driven by pleasure and desires, yet maintains a basic level of common sense.

Feeling mentally exhausted from work, he seeks casual encounters with women and turns to a dating app for this purpose. He encounters Love with whom he shares good compatibility in terms of personality and physical intimacy, leading to them establishing a continuing relationship.

Shinbashi TakayaSafe / Tame (12)
Shinbashi Takaya新橋 隆也
MeasurementsHeight: 178cm


Protagonist of Kyouko arc.

A 29-year-old working in a challenging environment at a "black company" grapples with an incompetent boss and inefficient subordinates, leaving him worn out and frustrated. Seeking solace from this routine, he turns to a sharing app and reconnects with Kyoko, an older woman who was once his cherished childhood friend.

Their reunion sparks the revival of past emotions, and through adept communication, he slowly but steadily wins over Kyoko's heart, leading to the development of an ongoing intimate relationship between them.

Ueno TatsuyaSafe / Tame (15)
Ueno Tatsuya上野 達也
MeasurementsHeight: 168cm


Protagonist of Sarara arc.

A 33-year-old salaryman, exhausted from daily work routine, seeks a change of pace and turns to dating apps in search of a young woman for casual intimacy. He comes across Sarara, hoping to find someone approachable.

However, upon meeting Sarara, who possesses a sophisticated charm and a manipulative smile that alarms him, he feels a sense of danger. Initially planning to end the interaction after a single encounter due to this unease, he unexpectedly finds himself inexplicably drawn to Sarara, despite his initial intentions to keep his distance.

Main characters

Chiyoda LoveSafe / Tame (15)
Chiyoda Love千代田 恋愛
MeasurementsHeight: 156cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 85-59-85cm, E cup
HairBlond, Blunt Bangs, Waist Length+, Wavy
BodyNail Polish, Teen
ClothesApron, Kuro-Gyaru, Loose Ribbon Tie, School Uniform, Stockings
RoleHigh School Student, Not a Virgin
Voiced byHoshifuka Nanae


A carefree and lively gyaru who radiates a fun-loving and outgoing personality, though she may come across as a bit simple-minded. Despite this, she maintains a well-groomed appearance and embraces life with spontaneity and enthusiasm.

Raised in a single-parent household where her mother is currently cohabiting with her boyfriend, the situation becomes uncomfortable as the boyfriend starts behaving inappropriately towards her. Consequently, she avoids going home and seeks accommodation using an app for staying the night.

Kagurazaka SararaSafe / Tame (13)
Kagurazaka Sarara神楽坂 サララ
MeasurementsHeight: 152cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 88-55-82cm, F cup
HairHime Cut, Sidehair, Side Tail, Violet
ClothesBow Tie, Detached Sleeves, Miniskirt, Ribbon Hair Tie
ItemsMobile Phone
RoleHigh School Student
Engages inGraduation, Teasing
Voiced byHimori Chisa


Sarara embodies a striking duality, presenting herself with a youthful, baby-faced appearance while possessing a seductive smile that hints at an understanding of men's desires, akin to a mischievous temptress. She exudes a carefree personality and is skillful at charming older men, often referred to as an "older man killer."

Sarara's modus operandi involves using seemingly innocent remarks, like expressing she lacks a place to stay, to entice various older men into offering her accommodation for the night.

Despite her facade, she attends an elite girls' school and has a bright and popular personality among her peers. However, due to a troubled home environment, she rarely returns home, leading to her seeking accommodation from older men as a means of avoiding her household situation.

Minato KyoukoSafe / Tame (14)
Minato Kyouko湊 響子
MeasurementsHeight: 163cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 100-65-92cm, I cup
ClothesHairpin, Nightgown, Sundress, Sun Hat, Watch
RoleDivorcee, Not a Virgin
Voiced byArigatou


A former housewife Kyoko who used to exude a bright and universally kind personality resembling Yamato Nadeshiko. However, after moving to Tokyo, securing a job, and marrying her superior, her life took a downturn due to her husband's infidelity. The failed marriage left her feeling discarded and lacking confidence, leading to a gloomy and insecure demeanor.

With no children from the marriage, she experiences deep loneliness and seeks solace through an app, somewhat recklessly looking for companionship and healing.