My Sister ~Sweet Gemini~

妹☆妹~Sweet Gemini~

TitleMy Sister ~Sweet Gemini~
Original title妹☆妹~Sweet Gemini~
AliasesMai Sister ~Sweet Gemini~, Boku no Imouto, Sweet Gemini, まい☆しすたぁ, 妹☆妹(まい☆しすたぁ) ~Sweet Gemini~
Publishers Ripe


The game's objective is quite simple. You are a 'brother' and you need to 'take care' of your 'sisters' and 'friends'. There are 5 heroines in total.

[from AnimeDensetsu]


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Aizawa Kyousuke藍澤 恭輔 
Body, Slim, Young-adult
Role, University Student, Writer