Relation graph for Tsukihime Plus-Disc

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Fate/Extra 2010-07-22 en/ja Fate/Extra CCC 2013-03-28 ja SequelPrequelMahoutsukai no Yoru 2012-04-12 en/es/fr/ja/ko/ru/vi/zh Shares charactersKagetsu Tooya 2001-08-13 en/es/ja/ko/zh Fate/Extella 2016-11-10 en/ja/ko/ru/zh Fate/Extella Link 2018-06-07 en/ja/ko/zh SequelPrequelSequelPrequelTsukihime Plus-Disc 2001-02 en/es/ja/ko/ru/zh Tsukihime TBA N/A Fate/Hollow Ataraxia 2005-10-28 en/es/ja/ko/ru/zh Under Night In-Birth 2012-09-20 en/ja/ko/zh Fate/Zero The Adventure 2013-08-21 ja Melty Blood 2002-12-30 en/ja/pt-br/ru Shares charactersTsukihime 2000-08-11 de/en/es/fr/ja/ko/pt-br/ru/vi/zh Shares charactersSide storyParent storyFandiscOriginal gameAlternative versionSide storyParent storyShares charactersFate/Stay Night 2004-01-30 en/es/it/ja/ko/ru/vi/zh Same settingSame settingFandiscOriginal gamePrequelSequelSame setting