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v492.152017-01-09 at 16:32varioShuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematicstaff
v492.142015-06-27 at 20:35traumatizerShuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematicstaff
v492.132015-02-12 at 06:36wakaranaiShuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematicstaff&cast
v492.122014-09-21 at 01:56necrofantasiaShuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematiccover
v492.112009-08-08 at 00:54echomateriaShuumatsu Shoujo Gensou AlicematicEdited the description and replaced a screenshot after discussing with the original poster
v492.102009-07-31 at 12:39echomateriaShuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematicadded a screenshot featuring sprites and the pop-up information box
v492.92009-07-30 at 12:55echomateriaShuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematicfixed the description link, cleared cover and added official title translation as alias
v492.82009-07-25 at 17:33echomateriaShuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematicisn't this image kinda weirdly blurred...
v492.72009-01-10 at 12:59yorhelShuumatsu Shoujo Gensou AlicematicOriginal title (taken from first release)
v492.62008-09-21 at 12:00maouShuumatsu Shoujo Gensou AlicematicScreenshots Iori is love... <3
v492.52008-09-08 at 19:55maouShuumatsu Shoujo Gensou AlicematicScreenshots, the first batch. I'll add more later.
v492.42008-03-30 at 01:11echomateriaShuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematic
v492.32008-03-28 at 20:53multiShuumatsu Shoujo Gensou AlicematicReverse relation update caused by revision 3853 of v544
v492.22008-03-28 at 20:29maccasvenneShuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematic
v492.12008-03-25 at 18:06echomateriaShumatsu Shoujo Genso Alicematic