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Maboroshi Tsukiyo


TitleMaboroshi Tsukiyo
Original titleまぼろし月夜
DeveloperSIMS Co., Ltd.
PublishersSIMS Co., Ltd. & Kaga Create Co., Ltd.
LinksWikipedia (ja), Wikidata


The player takes the role of Takashi Tanaka who one summer night meets a ghost of a girl in the park, and this ghost starts living with him in his apartment. The ghost can enter other people's bodies too...

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Japanese (3)
1999-09-23Maboroshi Tsukiyo
2000-04-06Maboroshi Tsukiyo ~Tsukiyo no Kitan~
2001-02-22Maboroshi Tsukiyo ~Tsukiyo no Kitan~ Low Price Edition


  • Vocals
  • RemOP "Soyokaze no Houmonsha", ED "Maboroshi Tsukiyo"
  • Vocals
  • RemOP "Soyokaze no Houmonsha", ED "Maboroshi Tsukiyo"

    Full character list

    Character summary

    Asagiri AyameMain character
    Voiced by Horie Yui
    Asagiri MinamiMain character
    Voiced by Imai Yuka
    Gose SatsukiMain character
    Voiced by Nagasawa Miki
    Mikami SatoruMain character
    Narumi RioMain character
    Voiced by Minami Omi
    Sakagami HazukiMain character
    Voiced by Kakazu Yumi
    Sakagami MiyukiMain character
    Voiced by Katou Yuuko
    Sasagawa AsamiMain character
    Voiced by Taguchi Hiroko
    Sasagawa SanaeMain character
    Voiced by Okamoto Maya
    Christina GoramSide character
    Voiced by Asano Mayumi
    Ooshima TsumugiSide character
    Voiced by Masuda Yuki
    Satou YuujinSide character
    Sonomura TatsukiSide character
    Takeda AkihikoSide character
    Yamada AtsushiSide character

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