GHQ ~Chihiro Gakuen Ura Gakuensai~


GHQ ~Chihiro Gakuen Ura Gakuensai~
TitleGHQ ~Chihiro Gakuen Ura Gakuensai~
Original titleGHQ~千尋学園裏学園祭~
Publishers Luchs


A quiz-based game set in a secret school tournament where the winner gets her wish fulfilled. What the girls don't know, however, is that the losers of each round will have to pay with their body...

You can choose one of the 5 playable protagonists and try to get her to the ending. Each round you win you can see the "punishment" of one of the other girls (rape or other forms of sexual humiliation). Losing on the final round also grants you a "game over rape" scene with the girl you've chosen as protagonist.

Main characters