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Ambition Plot

Ambition PlotSafe / Tame (14)
Ambition Plot
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Hart Lovelace is a secretary who will never get anywhere. Bitter from not achieving the life he wanted, he curses every financial analyst, investment banker, and fresh-faced new hire. His boss is no good and neither is anyone else, so no matter how hard he works, his efforts are more worthless than trash. He still tries, anyway.

Evil Batlet—full name Eveline, but call him Evil—is a financial analyst. Smug, satisfied, and utterly secure in himself, he lives like Hart wishes he could. Evil has a bright future, with a ladder to climb and promotions to look forward to.

So when Evil approaches him with a thinly veiled proposition, Hart sees his chance.

To pull himself up or drag Evil down, they'll find out.



English (1)
2024-02-0818+Ambition Plot (drm-free)


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