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v496.282017-07-21 at 12:08hotsushi-kunMinna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchoucasts
v496.272017-07-15 at 11:40hotsushi-kunMinna Daisuki Kozukuri BanchouCASTS
v496.262017-07-15 at 11:39hotsushi-kunMinna Daisuki Kozukuri BanchouCASTS ADDED
v496.252017-07-15 at 11:38hotsushi-kunMinna Daisuki Kozukuri BanchouCAST ADDED ONN link & link
v496.242016-02-14 at 19:30varioMinna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchouscenario
v496.232015-12-17 at 14:03ferustachiMinna Daisuki Kozukuri BanchouPulled from the VN.
v496.222015-08-24 at 02:59jazz957Minna Daisuki Kozukuri BanchouComposer
v496.212015-05-25 at 13:29flaemesMinna Daisuki Kozukuri BanchouAdded some seiyuu cast.
v496.202015-02-17 at 23:44traumatizerMinna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchou+1 va
v496.192015-02-17 at 23:09varioMinna Daisuki Kozukuri BanchouAdded director, artist and staff
v496.182013-06-01 at 15:02binfujiwaraMinna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchourelation
v496.172013-05-30 at 05:48binfujiwaraMinna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchoucover
v496.162013-05-21 at 20:45talmerMinna Daisuki Kozukuri BanchouGame is really short. even at "hard" no more than 6 hours of gameplay
v496.152012-03-06 at 00:31barfboyMinna Daisuki Kozukuri BanchouAdding adult images to represent the high sexual content of the game.
v496.142010-09-07 at 11:12kelpieMinna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchou+orig title
v496.132009-05-15 at 17:01nacchiMinna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchoutitle
v496.122009-01-27 at 20:51maouMinna Daisuki Ko Zukuri BanchouScreenshots. Uh, yeah <_<
v496.112008-08-27 at 09:11chiangMinna Daisuki Ko Zukuri BanchouEditing title. In Hepburn system of romanization づ = "zu", not "du".
v496.102008-06-26 at 14:50maouMinna Daisuki Ko Dukuri BanchouThere's not much real rape in there, though much of it is coereced at first. And yes, you can sleep with your sister if you meet certain requirement
v496.92008-05-09 at 19:57echomateriaMinna Daisuki Ko Dukuri Banchou
v496.82008-05-07 at 21:12applehqMinna Daisuki Ko Dukuri Ban Chougrammar
v496.72008-05-07 at 21:07echomateriaMinna Daisuki Ko Dukuri Ban Chou
v496.62008-05-07 at 20:39yorhelMinna Daisuki Ko Dukuri Ban Chou...I can't rewrite descriptions, I can only delete...
v496.52008-05-07 at 20:21echomateriaMinna Daisuki Ko Dukuri Ban Chou
v496.42008-05-07 at 20:18echomateriaMinna Daisuki Ko Dukuri Ban Chou
v496.32008-04-01 at 01:38echomateriaMinna Daisuki Ko Dukuri Ban Chou
v496.22008-03-26 at 09:45echomateriaMinna Daisuki Ko Dukuri Ban Chou
v496.12008-03-26 at 09:38echomateriaMinna Daisuki Ko Dukuri Ban Chou