Love Love Robokko ~Sono ko, Koutetsu!!~

LOVE LOVE ロボッ娘 ~その子、鋼鉄!!~

Love Love Robokko ~Sono ko, Koutetsu!!~
TitleLove Love Robokko ~Sono ko, Koutetsu!!~
Original titleLOVE LOVE ロボッ娘 ~その子、鋼鉄!!~
DeveloperApple Pie
Publishers Apple Pie


You play as an ordinary salaryman whose father just passed away. He was obsessed with robots, and he has left three of them to play with them as you wish. However, you only have a week of fun until something happens... Will you pursue a mechanical love, or choose one of the three human girls that are interested in you?

[based on Anime Densetsu]


1999-12-1718+  Love Love Robokko ~Sono ko, Koutetsu!!~Non-freeCommercial1 CD  


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