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A Wife's Life

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A Wife's LifeSuggestive / Tame (15)
A Wife's Life
StatusIn development
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The plot of A Wife's Life centers around a young couple who have just gotten married and moved to another town. As the newlyweds settle into their new home, they face financial problems, which lead to a series of events. One day, the husband finds out that his wife has found a new job. He really doesn't like her new job. But what is he supposed to do? Should he get his wife to quit her job or support her to get rid of their financial problems? What will the consequences of his choice be?

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Russian (1)
2024-07-1618+A Wife's Life v0.3.5 (unofficial)
English (1)
2024-07-2018+A Wife's Life v0.4.0 (drm-free)

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A Wife's Life v0.4.0

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