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Adult Video King


TitleAdult Video King
Original titleAVキング
AliasesAV King
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperNude Maker


Our hero is such a great guy that he helps pay off a large debt that our lovely heroine has amassed with the Yakuza. However due to his interference to help, HIS LIFE is now on the line. Of course a logical guy like our protagonist thinks of the obvious conclusion of: “Me and my new girlfriend will create and sell our Adult Videos and we'll use the money we make to pay off her debt."

So off the young couple goes gathering information for new ideas, coming up with dynamic setting, and devising all kinds of angles. Whereas our heroine gains various skills through her new craft and becomes a better seller because of it. Don’t forget to ask around some of the regulars in the business to get tips on what’s best to do.

At the end of each video you personally create, it is put up to a AI-assisted rating system where growing fans of your work will critique the pros and cons of your recent release--as well as provide you with a corresponding income. Remember you have 16 months to pay off the required debt, so make them count or else!

[Edited from a description by White Masq]

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HairBlond, Short
ClothesJacket, Pendant Necklace