Edit history of Adult Video King

v500.172020-06-28 at 20:30shinnewAdult Video KingThe game credits "上水桜" for that character. link Reverted to revision v500.15
v500.162020-06-25 at 03:08ffviiccAdult Video Kingadd cast
v500.152020-05-25 at 16:17varioAdult Video Kingstaff
v500.142020-03-08 at 15:18wakaranaiAdult Video KingVA
v500.132019-09-24 at 23:35kuroneko45Adult Video KingAdded 3 staff credits. Link
v500.122016-12-06 at 17:18707Adult Video King..
v500.112016-10-21 at 10:59wakaranaiAdult Video KingVA alias
v500.102016-03-13 at 04:23jazz957Adult Video Kingstaff
v500.92015-11-23 at 12:36traumatizerAdult Video King+3
v500.82015-08-01 at 02:43wakaranaiAdult Video Kingsome cast
v500.72015-04-10 at 07:56nutellafanAdult Video KingAdded composer.
v500.62014-02-22 at 18:05calahanAdult Video KingAdded 10 screenshots.
v500.52011-01-14 at 21:47immlffAdult Video Kingdescription source
v500.42011-01-14 at 21:42dingoender-zoeAdult Video KingFormer description was overall correct. I just added a few things to make it more accurate.
v500.32010-07-05 at 12:54archmagAdult Video KingFilled in field "Original title" - AVキング.
v500.22008-10-06 at 13:00echomateriaAdult Video KingUsed the full romaji name on the cover, moved the short version to aliases.
v500.12008-03-26 at 10:38echomateriaAV King