Sayonara C.C Summer Days

さよなら C.C Summer Days

Sayonara C.C Summer Days
TitleSayonara C.C Summer Days
Original titleさよなら C.C Summer Days
AliasesGoodbye C.C Summer Days
DeveloperYoogle Syndicate
Publishers Yoogle Syndicate


Setting is a small provincial town.
Siblings are good friends.
The sister has been physically weak since childhood.
The brother became a doctor for that reason.

"I'll surely become a doctor to heal you."

This is the siblings' 17th summer.

[summary translated from the official website]


2009-08-31All ages  Sayonara C.C Summer DaysNot voicedStory: No animationsFreewareDoujin800x600Internet download  

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  Sayonara C.C Summer Days

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