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Yuukoku no Femme Fatale


Yuukoku no Femme FataleSafe / Tame (13)
Yuukoku no Femme Fatale
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown


A Mansion Home to Enigmatic "Beautiful Girls" — Femme Fatales

"Kouyoukan" (Maple Manor) stands secluded in the mountains, housing four devoted maids.

The young author, Kusakabe Akira, stumbled upon this mysterious abode by chance, or so it seemed.

He came to drop off a letter from his late grandmother. But the head maid had other plans, handing him two unexpected assignments.

First, to stay as a "guest."
Second, to pen a story set within these walls.

Caught in a creative rut, Akira agrees to the terms and becomes a temporary resident.
He encounters four maidens, each bearing the name of a flower.

Life at the mansion unfolds leisurely, shadowed by underlying secrets.
What discoveries and insights will Akira gain during his stay?

[Translated and edited from the official website]


Japanese (2)
2024-09-2718+Yuukoku no Femme Fatale - Download Edition
2024-09-2718+Yuukoku no Femme Fatale - Package Edition


Full character list

Character summary

Kusakabe AkiraProtagonist
Black LilyMain character
Voiced by Himari
MarigoldMain character
Voiced by Kazuki Saya
LavenderMain character
RosemaryMain character
Voiced by Otokura Yui
AmaryllisSide character
Voiced by Kanematsu Yuka
Mikage YukaSide character
Fujiie RokurouSide character
Voiced by Ueki Tooru
Kuroi ShuuichiSide character
Voiced by Yuuhi
Kuroi MiyakoSide character
Voiced by Akatsuki Yumu

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