Onna Senshi no Kutsujoku -Ishukan Renzoku Koubi no Ki-

女戦士の屈辱 -異種姦連続交尾の記-

TitleOnna Senshi no Kutsujoku -Ishukan Renzoku Koubi no Ki-
Original title女戦士の屈辱 -異種姦連続交尾の記-
AliasesHumiliation of the Female Warrior
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Dieselmine


Dragon Quest III Female Warriors were challenging various monsters. However, they ended up being defeated!
All familiar monsters had no hesitation of showing their abnormal sexual desire, and attacked the female warriors.

How did the monsters manage to attack these tough warriors?
The female warriors were under repeated attacks by the relentless monsters; with tentacles, with stones, with elephant-nose-like creature.

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