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Secret Love (Kari)


Secret Love (Kari)Safe / Tame (12)
Secret Love (Kari)
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown


──If there's someone nearby who secretly has feelings for you, what would you do?

Spring suddenly arrives. One day, when I opened my shoe locker......
I found something sent by an unknown person, a love letter!

The first love letter that I've received in my life. For a brief moment, I held on to this happiness, and then! Girls came to me, saying they like me. Is this the first time in my life that I'm this popular......!?

In various places of my school, as if trying to steal a march on me, the girls secretly approached me.

Everyone is so different, they show a cute side only when we are alone, honesty, I'm so confused right now!

But of course I want a girlfriend......!

That's why, I, in this brief moment of my school life, will find the person I think is the most significant to me!!

[Translated and edited from the official website]


Japanese (1)
2024-07-2618+Secret Love (Kari)


Full character list

Character summary

Sawa ChiakiMain character
Voiced by Aimai Moko
Natori MisaMain character
Voiced by Kuno Nogi
Momouchi KaedeMain character
Voiced by Kitaooji Yuki
Akatsuka HaruMain character
Voiced by Natsumine Iroha

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