Onna Kyoushi Rinkan Choukyou no Ori

女教師 輪姦調教の檻

TitleOnna Kyoushi Rinkan Choukyou no Ori
Original title女教師 輪姦調教の檻
AliasesPrisoned Female Teacher
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Dieselmine


The main character, a normal student, has recently had some trouble attending a school that's gotten rough. It's because he became entangled with a group of hoodlums who had their eyes on her.

One day, the newly appointed English teacher Shiori Katayama arrives. With her incredible beauty immediately becoming a hot topic around the school, but as a female teacher Shiori was not a mere decoration. She declared she would revive the school traditions that had become rough, and would make it into a righteous university. It marked the inevitable confrontation with the group of hoodlums.

The battle between the beautiful teacher flowing with justice and the wicked punks is now let loose.

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