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Trouble Fortune Company★Happy Cure


Trouble Fortune Company★Happy Cure
AliasesトラブルふぉうちゅんCOMPANY☆はぴCURE, Trouble Fortune Company★Hapi Cure
Play timeUnknown
Shops» US$ 23.99 @ PlayAsia
» US$ 47.99 @ PlayAsia


The story is about our protagonist Tsuzuri whose mother is a fortune teller. One day her mom Sakura goes missing in action, leaving Tsuzuri and her brother Amane, saying she’s gone to look for their father. She leaves without saying where she’s going and how long she’ll be gone and now all of her fortune telling customers demand to see her. It’s up to Tsuzuri to train (aka for you to raise stats) so that she can become a super fortune teller and snag that man.

[From Hanano's Game Babbles]


Japanese (2)
2007-01-2512+Trouble Fortune COMPANY★Happy CURE - Limited Edition
2007-01-2512+Trouble Fortune COMPANY★Happy CURE - Regular Edition


              Full character list

              Character summary

              Kunisaki TsuzuriProtagonist
              Kuze MichizumiMain character
              Voiced by Kishio Daisuke
              Kunisaki AmaneMain character
              Voiced by Miyano Mamoru
              Sakashita HarumiMain character
              Misaki KeigoMain character
              Voiced by Sugita Tomokazu
              Honjou TaichirouMain character
              Kajiwara ShinobuMain character
              Voiced by Yusa Kouji
              Takase RitsuMain character
              Kuze IzumiSide character
              Voiced by Tanaka Ryouko
              Kunisaki SakuraSide character
              Voiced by Kanzaki Kanari
              Aki ChitoseSide character
              Voiced by Satou Arise
              Takase RinSide character
              Voiced by Tomonaga Akane

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