Ren'ai Saimin ~Tsun na Kanojo ga dereru Saimin~


TitleRen'ai Saimin ~Tsun na Kanojo ga dereru Saimin~
Original title恋愛催眠~ツンな彼女がデレる催眠~
AliasesLove Hypnotism ~Hypnotism to turn a tsun girl dere~
DeveloperC: drive.
PublishersC: drive. & AiCherry
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Takumi is a guy who always helps those in need. A person that he helped rewarded him with the ability to use hypnosis. However, he has no desire to use this for his own personal gain. However, one day, the mood has turned tense due to the banning of love within the school. He realizes that those girls opposed to love actually are afraid of being hurt in relationships, so he decides to use his ability to make all his classmates become honest with their feelings. Everyone goes works well, except that 5 girls all confess to him… and they’re all tsunderes!

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]

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