Ina☆Koi! ~Oinari-sama to Motemote no Tatari~


Ina☆Koi! ~Oinari-sama to Motemote no Tatari~
TitleIna☆Koi! ~Oinari-sama to Motemote no Tatari~
Original titleいな☆こい!~お稲荷さまとモテモテのたたり~
AliasesIna Koi, Inakoi
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers Whirlpool
Ina☆Koi! Fandisc
Same setting
Magus Tale ~Sekaiju to Koisuru Mahout...


You play as an average high school student. After dreaming a strange dream, he somehow comes across a fox-goddess who starts living with him. He tries to keep this fact a secret from his classmates and childhood friends, but soon he begins to show signs of the "curse" of living with a goddess of the harvest. His touch will get girls turned on and soon enough his very presence starts affecting them (as well as the goddess herself). Could this be too much of a good thing?

[From White Masq]

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