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v5145.62017-02-04 at 17:28skorpiondeathBeppin Mama ~Love Love Boshi Yuugi~desc, better quality cover, cast
v5145.52017-02-04 at 15:05prey22Beppin Mama ~Love Love Boshi Yuugi~staff
v5145.42016-09-08 at 09:45omegacuteBeppin Mama ~Love Love Boshi Yuugi~Typo fix
v5145.32013-04-07 at 19:45abyssalerosBeppin Mama ~Love Love Boshi Yuugi~DLSite engrish
v5145.22011-10-17 at 07:58multiBeppin Mama ~Love Love Boshi Yuugi~Reverse relation update caused by revision v8146.1
v5145.12010-09-02 at 00:36punigod10271Beppin Mama ~Love Love Boshi Yuugi~Initial Revision