Asuka Josou Bishounen Choukyou Simulation

あすか♂ 女装美少年調教 シミュレーション

TitleAsuka Josou Bishounen Choukyou Simulation
Original titleあすか♂ 女装美少年調教 シミュレーション
AliasesA Transvestlte Handsome Boy's Shameful Story 3 Sex-training Simulation
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperMocking Soft
Publishers Mocking Soft
Asuka Josou Bishounen Ryoujoku Story 2


In this game, you take a role to train a cross-dressed beautiful boy Asuka. His soft voice and good looks only makes you want to dominate him more. In a dim room, with a sexy female assistant Chiri, give him hard sexual training!

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