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v52.152011-12-25 at 08:03diffycatTokoyo no HoshizoraAdd screenshots for japanese version
v52.142011-08-17 at 16:58claymoreTokoyo no Hoshizorad2#2 "Aliases: Visual novels can be known under several names, use this field to add any aliases and acronyms used around the net. Official titles of
v52.132011-08-16 at 15:57azathothTokoyo no HoshizoraNever mind... I got it wrong...
v52.122011-08-16 at 15:56azathothTokoyo no Hoshizorathe colon shouldn't be added until later.
v52.112011-08-16 at 15:45kilarnTokoyo no HoshizoraI just add the alternative title : "Red Shift".
v52.102011-02-13 at 23:54azathothTokoyo no HoshizoraUploaded screenshots
v52.92010-10-30 at 22:57winki-tyanTokoyo no Hoshizorabetter cover
v52.82008-12-18 at 12:56immlffTokoyo no Hoshizoraoriginal title and primary accordin to guidelines
v52.72008-11-05 at 00:19fr4nzRed ShiftScreenshots from all girls yay 800 get XD
v52.62008-08-09 at 12:19sogetsuRed ShiftAfter reading this VN, I added "Mystery" tag and changed the length from "very short" to "short".
v52.52008-06-22 at 07:41yorhelRed Shift
v52.42008-04-10 at 13:36echomateriaRed Shift
v52.32008-03-12 at 01:47echomateriaRed Shift
v52.22008-03-11 at 08:50yorhelRed Shift
v52.12007-10-10 at 19:41multiRed ShiftAutomated import from VNDB 1.8