Reijou Gakuen 2 ~Shigyaku no Hanazono~


TitleReijou Gakuen 2 ~Shigyaku no Hanazono~
Original title隷嬢学園2~嗜虐の花園~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers Psy-chs
Reijou Gakuen ~Rengoku no Gakusha~


Keisuke had a promised future, a well-paid job and a beautiful fiancee.... But he was betrayed by a man and lost everything. He decides to take revenge and starts working at a girls' high school. By taking advantage of his position as a teacher, he rapes female students randomly. As he goes like this, he gets to know a secret about the school. Yes, there was a serial murder case at the school in the past....

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