Pocke-Kano ~Houjouin Shizuka~


Pocke-Kano ~Houjouin Shizuka~
TitlePocke-Kano ~Houjouin Shizuka~
Original titleぽけかの〜宝条院静香〜
DeveloperDatam Polystar
Publishers Datam Polystar
Same series
Pocke-Kano ~Aida Yumi~
Pocke-Kano ~Ueno Fumio~


Pocke-Kano - Shizuka Houjouin is a sort of an adventure game with mini games in which the player start the game meeting Shizuka Houjouin, a little girl that he finds in the park and after that she takes him to meet her mother. After that he will continue visiting her and during the game he will more or less appreciated by her depending of the results of the different mini games that the player can play in his PocketStation that will make him earn money to buy Shizuka better presents.

One different thing about the game is that you will see her raise from a little girl to a woman (the game last 7 years of the girl's lifetime).

Bring up young Shizuka Houjouin in this girl raising sim.

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1999-12-16  Pocke-Kano ~Houjouin Shizuka~Non-freeCommercial1 CD
2000-06-08  Pocke-Kano ~Yumi - Shizuka - Fumio~Fully voicedStory: Simple animationsNon-freeCommercial1 GD-ROM

Character summary

Main character Houjouin Shizuka
Voiced by Suzuki Saori

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