Pocke-Kano ~Aida Yumi~


Pocke-Kano ~Aida Yumi~
TitlePocke-Kano ~Aida Yumi~
Original titleぽけかの〜愛田由美〜
DeveloperDatam Polystar
Publishers Datam Polystar
Same series
Pocke-Kano ~Houjouin Shizuka~
Pocke-Kano ~Ueno Fumio~


The star of this raising sim game is Yumi Aida, a little girl that you meet when she's 11 years old in a park. Later, the player will discover that she's his neighbour and keeps visiting her.

For raising her stats, you must pass some minigames that allow you to buy her presents and take her to new places.


1999-12-16  Pocke-Kano ~Aida Yumi~Non-freeCommercial1 CD
2000-06-08  Pocke-Kano ~Yumi - Shizuka - Fumio~Fully voicedStory: Simple animationsNon-freeCommercial1 GD-ROM

Character summary

Main character Aida Yumi

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