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DoraTama! ~You Ryuu Leila no Seichou Nikki~

ドラたま! ~幼竜ライラの成長日記~

TitleDoraTama! ~You Ryuu Leila no Seichou Nikki~
Original titleドラたま! ~幼竜ライラの成長日記~
AliasesDragon no Tomago, DoraTama! ~You Ryuu Raira no Seichou Nikki~, DoraTama! ~You Ryuu Laylah no Seichou Nikki~, Doratama! The Upbringing of Lila, Baby Dragon, DraTama
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperShining Star
PublishersShining Star


Two women climbed into a dragon's nest, heroine Tina and magical girl Clis.
However, after they successfully beat the dragon, they discovered its baby egg.

As they bickered about what to do, it hatched before them, a darling baby...

"Daddeeeeee!" it cried to Tina. Daddy?!

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